Good Luck Habit #4 (of 4) – Find the Blessing in the Mess

  HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! You might think that being lucky means that everything goes well pretty much all the time.  Professor Wiseman’s study (see Good Luck Habit #1) showed that the people who considered themselves lucky did not live a problem or challenge free life.  A key habit they exhibited related to how they…

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Good Luck Habit #3 – Expectations Set The Bar

Perhaps you have heard this quote from Henry Ford  “Whether think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!”  This pretty much captures the idea of Good Luck Habit #3.  Henry Ford certainly did something that not many people believed would be possible at that time.  He didn’t invent the automobile, but Henry’s…

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Good Luck Habit #2 (of 4) – Use Intuition for Decisions

Where did the phrase “The Luck Of The Irish” come from? Are Irish people really more lucky than the rest of us?  Not quite. According to, the phrase “The Luck Of The Irish” originated in the late 1800s when many famous and successful miners digging up gold and silver were of Irish heritage. Eventually,…

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Luck Of The Irish – Good Luck Habit #1 (of 4)

Do you consider yourself lucky? St. Patrick’s Day is this week, and besides green beer and corned beef and cabbage, part of the fun is about claiming “The Luck Of The Irish” for yourself, whether you are Irish or not.  In the spirit of being lucky and finding the pot of gold at the end…

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How to Choose Your Word for 2017 – Mine is Courage

When I meditated about why I did not get as much writing done as I wanted in 2016, I noted that I consistently procrastinated and hesitated to both start and finish articles. My inner conversation sounded like this: ‘what if people don’t like what you write’ or ‘you aren’t coming up with anything earth shattering’,…

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